Comfortable Stabling with CCTV

Our enclosed yard consists of individual stables,  including 3 large foaling boxes and a 4-stall American style barn.  We also have additional wooden stabling in our large pole barn and close to the main house.  All stables are covered by digital CCTV.  Our secure yard allows horses to be monitored in a secure environment, overlooked by the main farmhouse.

Secure Paddocks

Our 50 acres are secured with a combination of  post & rail, stud  fencing and established hedges.  They are directly accessible from the main yard and the nearer paddocks are covered by CCTV and floodlights.  Horses have access to grass throughout the year, supplemented by the best hay, haylage and hard feeds.  Paddocks range from small nursery paddocks to large expanses to allow horses to live as naturally as possible, according to their needs.  

Large Foaling Boxes

Our foaling boxes are light and airy, allowing mares space to give birth and for foals to gain their feet and exercise even when the weather outside is bad.  There is enough space for our foaling attendants to sit in the box to assist with foaling if required.  All stables are covered by CCTV.

All-Weather Arena

The fibre-sand arena is ideal for schooling young horses on the flat and over jumps.  Located right next to the stable yard, the arena is equipped with a number of training aids, including jumps, trotting poles, and a lunge area. This is also great for retraining retired horses and for bringing horses back to fitness following a rest or injury.  The surface is kind to horses and can be used in all weather - so no excuse for missing work!

Horse Walker

Our 5 bay electric horse walker is equipped with a roof so it offers all year exercise for the horses.  It is computer controlled allowing for bespoke exercise regimes to be delivered to the horses.  With a cushion rubber floor, rubber walls and secure mesh, the walker is a safe place even for youngsters due to the width of the walkway.

Equine Solarium

Infrared horse solariums are widely acknowledged as highly advantageous to horses, with proven welfare and healing benefits. Our horse solarium provides the horses with the perfect way to warm up & warm down during exercise, rehabilitate after injury, reduce muscular aches and to dry off after wash-down.

Custom-designed Horsebox

Our two-stall horsebox is equipped with internal & external CCTV monitoring.  The internal partitions are lightweight to maximise the payload and accomodate the horses in a secure and comfortable environment.  The box carries mares & foals with ease and can be adapted as required to carry two large horses with ease.  All drivers are fully trained and we are registered with DEFRA to enable us to transport horses throughout the UK & Ireland.

Home-grown Hay

We harvest around 150 tonnes of hay every year, grown on our own well managed grassland.  Additional hay and haylage is supplied by Roobottoms, who are local to us and provide soil testing, diet-specific forage and bedding for the horses and sheep.  Using the very best forage, we can ensure good nutrition at whatever stage of a horses development or work, and reduce the likelihood of allergy and respiratory issues.  Our small flock of sheep help us to manage the grassland using more natural methods.

External Support

Of course we could not provide the excellent service we do without our wonderful suppliers.  We are located just 10 minutes drive away from Pool House Equine Hospitalone of the best equine hospitals in Europe, who support us with their excellent veterinary services and pay regular visits to the stud to manage horses recovering from injury or routine surgery as well as supporting our breeding.  

Our farriers, Andy Leek DipWCF & Matt Crompton DipWCF  have been with us for many years and provide routine and specialist shoeing to the highest standards.  Our equine dentist is Sam Norris BAEDT who travels from Yorkshire - her expertise and professionalism is the reason we have used her for over 12 years.

Lastly our feed is provided through Mole Valley Farmers,located in the next village, and our forage and bedding from Roobottoms